Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau

Une lectrice m’a mis sur la piste d’un descendant d’Olivier Charbonneau…

Non celui-ci  ne vit pas à Sainte-Anne et il ne sera pas du dîner de lundi en compagnie de Paul.

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Intéressant comment des gens d’ici ont marqué l’histoire des États-Unis.

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Jean-Baptiste était  un descendant d’Olivier Charbonneau.

Il est le fils de Toussaint fils de Jean qui est le fils de Michel, fils de Michel, fils d’Olivier.

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J’ai trouvé ces informations sur un site en anglais qui donne toute la lignée.

       b. 1611 Maran diocese of La Rochelle, France
       d. bur 21 Nov 1687 Pointe aux Trembles, Montreal
m. Marie Marguerite GARNIER in France before 31 Dec 1655
       b. ?
       d. ?
Children: (born before 1766 – there could be other children b. after 1766)
       i. Anne b. 11 Apr 1657 in France d. 11 Apr 1729 m. 23 Nov 1671 in Montreal
              Guillaume LABELLE
       ii. Joseph b. 16 Dec 1660 in Montreal d. 24 Sep 1722 St Francois de Sales m. 8 Jan 1688 in Boucherville Anne PICARD
       iii. Jean b. 3 Nov 1662 Montreal d. 7 Jan 1730 Varennes m. 15 Jul 1686 Boucherville Marie Jeanne PICARD
       iv. Elisabeth (Isabelle) b. 11 Jul 1664 Montreal d. 18 Feb 1738 St Francois de Sales m. before 5 Mar 1681 Andre CYR
       v. Michel b. 2 Oct 1666 Montreal d. 3 May 1724 Bouchervlle, m. 12 Nov 1692 Boucherville Marguerite DENOYON

       b. 2 Oct 1666 Montreal
       d. bur 3 May 1724 Boucherville
m. 12 Nov 1692 Boucherville Marguerite DENOYON d/o Jean Baptiste Denoyon and
              Marie CHAUVIN and brother of Jacques Denoyon
       b.20 Aug 1673
       d. ?
Children: (born Boucherville except Jean Baptiste)
       i. Marie m. 7 Nov 1712 Louis REGUINDAU
       ii. Jacqus m. 29 Oct 1725 Marie Francoise LAMOUREUX
       iii. Jean Baptiste m. 10 Jan 1729 Marie Catherine DENIAU
       iv. Michel m. 12 Oct 1722 Genevieve LACROIX
       v. Marguerite m. 27 Sep 1723 Jean Baptiste SICOTLA dit LIBERETE
       vi. Pierre m. 26 May 1732 Angelique Marie Anne FAVREAU
       vii. Marie Louise m. 10 Feb 1727 Louis QUAYDARAGONGUAY

MICHEL CHARBONNEAU, JR (3, Michel 2, Olivier 1)
       b.22 Nov 1699 Boucherville
       d. ?
m. 12 Oct 1722 Genevieve LACROIX (Geneveva Babin dit Richaume) d/o Pierre
              BABIN dit LACROIX and Magdelene RICHAUME
       b. 1730 Boucherville
       d. ?
       i. Marie Madeline b. 1723 d. 1723
       ii. Marie Madeliene b. 1724 d. 1733, age 9
       iii. Michel m. 1747 Marie Madeleine ROBERT
       iv. Jean Baptiste b. 1727 d. 1728, age 1       
       v. Pierre m. 1754 Marie Louise PETIT
       vi. Joseph b. 1730 d. 1731, age 1
       vii. Francois b. 1731 d. infancy
       viii. Marie Anne m. 1756 Pierre LABADIE
       ix. Jean Baptiste b. 1734 d. infancy
       x. Jean Baptiste b. 1735 m. 1756 Marguerite DENIAU
       xi. Elisabeth b. 1736 d. 1744, age 8
       xii. Marie Madeleine b. 1738 d. 1738
       xiii. Francois b. 1739 d. 1739
       xiv. Gabriel b. 1740 d. 1744, age 4

JEAN BAPTISTE CHARBONNEAU (4, Michel, Jr 3, Michel 2, Olivier 1)
       b. 1735 or 1727
       bur 17 Jun 1791 Detroit MI
m. Oct 10 1756 Boucherville Marguerite DENIAU d/o Pierre and Marie Angelique
              JOACHIM (Reguindeau per Denissen)
       b.19 Apr 1735 Longueuil
       d. ?
Children: (born before 1766)
       i. Marguerite b. 15 May 1757 Boucherville
       ii. Francoise b. 24 Oct 1759 Boucherville
       iii. Jean Baptiste b. 7 Dec 1761 Chambly
       iv. Marie Amable b.5 Sep 1763 Pointe Olivier St Mathias
       v. Marie Therese b. 1 Apr 1765 Boucherville
              (born after 1766)
       vi. Toussaint b. 21 Mar 1767 Boucherville
              (possibly other children born after 1767)

TOUSSAINT CHARBONNEAU (Jean Baptiste 4, Michel, Jr. 3, Michel 2, Olivier 1)
       b. 21 Mar 1767
       d. possibly at Fort Mandan after 1837
took as wife Sacagawea (Shoshone) ca 1803/4
       b. ca 1790
       d. 1812 Fort Mandan
       i. Jean Baptiste (« Pomp » meaning first born)
              b. 11 Feb 1805 Fort Mandan (was raised by William Clark)
              bp 28 Dec 1809 St Louis Old Cathedral Parish
              d. 16 May 1866 age 61 in Cow Creek, Danner, Oregon

Placer Herald of Auburn, California July 7, 1866

J. B. Charbonneau Death of a California Pioneer
       A letter announcing the death of Jean Baptiste Charbonneau who left the country some weeks ago with two companions for Montana Territory. this letter is from one of the party who says,

« Mr. Charbonneau was taken sick with mountain fever on the Owyhee and died after a short illness. He had remained here with little intermission until his departure for the gold fields of Montana, which strangely enough was the scene of his birth. His father was a French Canadian and his mother a half breed of the Crow tribe. As a young man he went to Europe. At breaking out of the Mexican War was engaged as a guide and came to California. He determined to return to the scene of his youth, but the weight of years was too much for him, and he now sleeps alone by the bright waters of the Owyhee. »

The Owyhee Avalanche, Ruby City later moved to Silver city Idaho, gave another obituary on June 2, 1866.

« At Inskip ranch, Cow Creek in Jordan Valley, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, aged 63 years, of pneumonia. Was born at St Louis, Missouri, one of the oldest trappers and pioneers; piloted the Mormon Brigade. Resided Placer County, was on route to Montana. »

The Children of Sacagawea & Toussaint Charbonneau
Jean Baptiste Charbonneau lived at least until 1866. His life can be traced through various records of explorers and fur traders up until that time. He was said to be a remarkable man; superior as a guide and trapper, but also well-educated and conversant in French, German and Spanish as well as his native Shoshone. He was with Prince Paul of Wurttemberg on his travels of the American West in 1823, and returned with him to Germany where he stayed for several years, returning in 1829.

He was with Jim Bridger in 1832, with Kit Carson in 1839 and in charge of a fur-trading party in 1842 when they met Charles Fremont. He was included in George Frederick Ruxton’s book, « Life in the Far West » as one of the important fur traders of that time. He was with Lt. Abert on an exploration down the Canadian River and with Col. Philip Cooke and his troops from New Mexico to California. In 1866 he started for the gold fields in Montana and Idaho, but is said to have died on Cow Creek near the present town of Danner, Oregon in 1866. Shoshone oral traditions, however, say that he returned to his tribe during that time and was re-united with his mother, Sacajawea where he lived until his death in 1885.

Lisette Charbonneau died 15 or 16 June 1832, age 21, Old Cathederal St. Louis, MO

Clark Guardianship 11 August 1813 Orphans Court Records in St. Louis Missouri:
The court appoints (John Luttig crossed out) William Clark Guardian to the Infant children of Toussant Charbonneau deceased*, to wit Tousant** a boy about the age of ten years and Lisette Charbonneau a girl about one year old. The said infant children not being possessed of any property within the knowledge of the court, the said Guardian is not required to give bond.

* Toussaint Charbonneau did not die until many years later
** child’s name was John-Baptiste

Great Grandmother of Toussaint Charbonneau
Marguerite Denoyon was the daughter of Jean Baptiste Denoyon and Marie Chauvin

Marie Chauvin was the only child of Marin Chauvin & Marie Gillette Banne.
After the death of Marin Chauvin, Gillette Banne married Jacques Bertault.
They in turn had six children one of whom was Elisabeth-Therese bp Jan 1659. Elisabeth was married at age 12 to Julien Latouche, age 30. Latouche turned out to be lazy, domineering, abusive and alcoholic. Elisabeth and her parents murdered Latouche. Jacques Bertault & Gillette Banne were hanged for this crime 9 June 1672, Gillette being the first female hanged in Canada. Because of her young age Elisabeth was spared death.

Marguerite Denoyon was the sister of Jacques Denoyon who married in 1704 Abigail Stebbins of Deerfield MA just prior to the French-Indian raid on Deerfield. There is endless information on Jacques Denoyon and Abigail Stebbins whose family came to New England in 1634.

Pour terminer…

On February 11, 1805, Captain Meriwether Lewis wrote:  » … about five oclock this evening one of the wives of Charbono was delivered of a fine boy. »  This was the first journal entry of the infant, Jean Baptiste Charbonneau, who would become the youngest member of the Corp of Discovery.  Charbonneau traveled from North Dakota to the Pacific Ocean and back as an infant, carried along in the expedition’s boats or upon his mother’s back.

Charbonneau’s image can be found on the Sakakawea dollar. 

He is the only child ever depicted on U.S. currency.


2 réflexions sur “Jean-Baptiste Charbonneau

  1. Je me souviens d’un bon monsieur Arthur Charbonneau, de Saint-François-de-Sales (Laval). Son fils était laitier. J’ai oublié son prénom. Il est décédé dans un accident impliquant son camion de livraison de lait, dans les années cinquante. Il devait à ce moment-là avoir dans les vingt-cinq ans.
    Quelqu’un sait de qui je parle ?
    André Pronovost
    Laval, Québec

    • On a peu d’indices dans votre commentaire.
      Si on avait le nom de sa femme, ça pourrait nous permettre de fouiller les banques de mariage.

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